The Franchise Freedom Blog

by Giuseppe Grammatico


What Kind of Franchise Business Should I Open?

If you’re reading this, you might be considering opening a franchise. There are many questions you may be asking yourself, but one of the first questions may be: What kind of franchise business should I open? Should you choose a franchise business that you are passionate about or should you choose one that has a

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4 Tips to Build Your Franchise Through Marketing

As a franchise owner, there are benefits that come from your franchise’s marketing efforts. Owning a franchise means you do not have to heavily worry about focusing on marketing. However, these are 4 tips that you can take into consideration when trying to build your business on a local level. #1 Be present online and

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5 Red Flags to Look for In Franchise Opportunities

Although franchising is a great opportunity, choosing the best franchise is a huge part of how successful you can make your franchise. With over 4,000 franchises to choose from, here are 5 major red flags to look for when deciding which franchise to own.  It seems “too good” If the franchise seems too good to

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7 Things to Know About Investing in a Franchise

Considering investing in a franchise? You’re already on the right track to success! You probably have some questions in your head, so we put together 7 things to know about investing in a franchise.  Money. Acquiring capital is easier than you think. Most people think you need tens, hundreds, or millions of dollars to invest

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Is Multi-Unit Franchising for You?

Whether you already own a franchise or you’re thinking about buying one, you may be wondering: is multi-unit franchising for you? Buying multiple units requires a significant investment, so it’s a good idea to first take a close look at this model. What is multi-unit franchising? Multi-unit franchising has increased in popularity over the past

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Introverts As Franchisees: Why They Succeed

When they embrace their strengths and push beyond their comfort zone when needed. What is the definition of an introvert? While many people think of introverts as being shy and timid, that’s a misconception. To determine whether someone tends toward introversion or extroversion, look at the way they recharge and draw energy. Introverts do so

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Becoming a franchise owner: fear can be your fuel

Some people who consider becoming a franchise owner miss out on the opportunity because they let anxiety overtake them. In fact, fear of failure is the factor most likely to prevent a potential franchise buyer from moving ahead with a franchise purchase. It’s true that buying a franchise is one of the biggest decisions you will ever

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Buying a franchise business: “are we there yet?”

Buying a franchise business can be like going on a road trip. And anyone who has ever taken a long car trip with small kids is familiar with the question: “are we there yet?” It is usually posed in a frustrated voice — because kids don’t care about the journey, they just want to get

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