I am your host, Lucas Root, and in this episode, we are going to talk about how Giuseppe Grammatico leads executives in finding freedom. Giuseppe is a franchise veteran who simplifies the process of franchising and excels at guiding his candidates to the model that best suits them. His greatest joy is helping people realize the American dream and sharing the freedom that comes from franchising.

Franchising has allowed Giuseppe to enjoy the freedom so many hope for. Sharing his expertise with his candidates, learning about their goals and their lives, and guiding them toward their dreams are what lights him up the most.

Here’s just a taste of our talking points this week:

A Freedom of Purpose

Giuseppe was a corporate exec of their family business. Money was good but he wasn’t happy with his job and the progress he was making. He then interviewed other companies in the same boat, and where he figured that there was no real difference.

He then reached out to a franchise coach and talked about freedoms. They talked about time freedom, financial freedom, freedom of working with people he enjoys working with, and freedom of purpose.

Giuseppe had his business purpose clear and that is to build a business that helps and gives back to people. Now, he helps people by guiding them to the model that best suits them.

Giuseppe Describes an Effective Community

Giuseppe describes an effective community as a group of people that brings value and is open to expressing and sharing their ideas.

He believes that for a community to be effective the leader needs to lay that groundwork in the very beginning. So people know what to expect from the community.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Giuseppe described what makes an effective community leader.
  • The importance of understanding the purpose of the community.
  • Ways how Giuseppe helps people understand what the purpose of a community is.
  • How does Giuseppe help people to stay engaged so they can extract the value that they need?
  • Giuseppe shared the purpose of his community and how that purpose builds continued success within the community.

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