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Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest Ryan Sterling, the founder of Future You Wealth, as they talk everything about financial independence, the ways to achieve it, how people can design their lifestyle, and so much more. When he was young, Ryan’s father told him something that stayed with him for so long, “there are suppliers of labor and owners of capital.” In this episode, listen as Ryan breaks down the different avenues of investment and what, for him, is not a way to financial independence. As a tip for anyone who wants to make the switch, Ryan emphasizes that the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing right away. Just like for him, time is key.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The tremendous value of running your own…
  • What is financial independence, and how can it be achieved?
  • Before putting up your business – commit, and give yourself time.
  • What is a lifestyle design?
  • On putting up a mirror to your financial position.

About Ryan Sterling:

Ryan Sterling is the founder of Future You Wealth, a successful wealth manager and sought-after holistic wealth coach, speaker, and published author of “You’re Making Other People Rich.” As a financial advisor, he challenges and inspires people to live life on their terms by taking accountability and action over their wealth.

Ryan has personally worked with thousands of people to help go from being a consumer of “stuff” to an owner of capital and life on their terms.

He has been featured in media outlets such as Business Insider, CNN Money, Huff Post, and is a TEDx speaker. He has earned his MBA and the distinction of Chartered Financial Analyst. Before starting Future You Wealth, he worked at some of the world’s leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, AllianceBernstein, and Capital Group.

Ryan Sterling’s Contacts and Resources:

Email: ryan@futureyouwealth.com
Contact: (917) 515-4470

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