Bryan Klein | Why Franchise? The Success of The Max Challenge

buying into a franchise

On this week’s episode of the Franchise Freedom Podcast, we chat with Bryan Klein, a visionary and entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to helping people become the best version of themselves. 

In 2011, Bryan founded The Max Challenge, a comprehensive integrated system of fitness, nutrition, motivation, and support. The Max Challenge started with a single location and a membership of 32, and has grown to include a network of over 80 operating centers in the US, with nearly 20 locations in development, and has inspired more than 100,000 transformations.

We chat further with Bryan about how he got his start as a young entrepreneur, as well as…

  • The benefits of franchising
  • His advice for those looking to transition into owning a franchise
  • The entrepreneurial mindset required to overcome roadblocks to success
  • How having a life’s mission, not just a career or a business, can completely redefine success

Listen now…

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