David Barnett | Franchise Warnings — The Best Advice For Those Looking To Make The Jump To Entrepreneurship

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On this week’s episode of Franchise Freedom, we speak with special guest, David Barnett. David is the author of seven books on small business transactions and local investing, hosts a YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on buying, selling, financing, and managing SMEs, and has been working with small businesses for over 20 years. David is multi-faceted, and has gained experience in franchising, brokering, and funding before ultimately moving into small business consulting full-time.

“I ended up starting this sort of side hustle, not as a business broker, but as a consultant, someone who would work on deals and help to guide and coach people through them. Eventually, I left my job at the bank with a package, and I started my full time consulting career, which is what I do today, helping people buy and sell businesses as a consultant, not a broker,” says David.

We chat about David’s career journey, as well as:

  • His formative entrepreneurial moments
  • His book, Franchise Warnings
  • His advice for those looking to make the jump to entrepreneurship
  • Shifting entrepreneurial interests post-pandemic
  • And more

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