Ditch Your Sales Pitch For A Trust-Based Sales Approach | Ari Galper

Business Sales

On today’s episode, we are talking with Ari Galper

Ari is the world’s #1 authority on trust-based selling and has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine, SkyNews, and the Australian Financial Review.

Ari’s big lesson you’ll learn today is that you lose the sale, not because you haven’t demonstrated enough value, but because you haven’t created enough trust — a mindset shift that has changed thousands of people’s lives.

Ari and I talk about:

*The story behind his Trust-Based Selling approach

*The key sales myths we need to “detox” from

*What are the core principles behind Unlocking The Sales Game?

*How we need to position ourselves as a doctor and diagnose our prospect’s problems & issues

*And so much more!

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