Dov Gordon | Creating Your Ideal Client Network

Creating a Client Network

There are many ways – dozens – to bring in new clients these days thanks to the Internet. Social media, podcasting, sales funnels, webinars… when building a client network, the list just goes on. 

But Dov Gordon says to bring in clients consistently, there is no one method that works for everybody. He says you should figure out what type of marketing and sales strategies feel “natural” and leverage your strengths.

A big part of his approach to bringing in new business consistently is a unique way to build relationships – at a personal level and on a larger scale – and in the process, create networks of ideal clients who are receptive to your message and ready to refer you.

Not only that… but the people in the network are offering value to each other.  They’re not just a bunch of random people thrown together. They have commonalities, whether it’s in the type of work they do or the business challenges they face.

This is how Dov Gordon, and many others, build their network of clients – and yours can be next!

We talk about how to set up a network like that, the impact it can have on your business, and more, including…

  • A strategy for getting paid for work you used to do for free
  • The people you must have in your network
  • How to sell – without “selling”
  • The pros and cons of mastermind groups
  • And more

Listen now as our host, Giuseppe Grammatico, and Special Guest Dov Gordon discuss Creating Your Ideal Client Network…

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