Janet McKee | Stress-Free Success

In today’s episode, we sit down with Janet McKee– speaker, bestselling author, and CEO of SanaView Farms. Janet’s mission is simple: helping others lead a stress-free, successful life. 

After obtaining her MBA and climbing the corporate ladder, Janet became committed to helping others find success. As an inducted member of the Nationals Association of Expert Writers and Speakers, she created the Accelerated High-Performance Program and the Empower 3 Leadership + Lifestyle retreat, where she shares her stressless success shift to empower others to reduce negative patterns and achieve greater success. 

We’ll chat with Janet about how burnout told her to slow down, why wellness is the foundation of success, as well as

  • Why your thoughts and your energy are powerful
  • Why success is deeper than your mindset
  • Janet’s secrets for stress-free success
  • Why overwork and stress are counterproductive to productivity

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Giuseppe Grammatico: Welcome to the Franchise Freedom Podcast. I’m your host Giuseppe Grammatico, your franchise guide and today we have a very special guest. Today I am speaking with Janet McKee. And Janet is a speaker, best selling author and CEO of SantaView. They are on a mission to help you lead a stress-free successful life. After obtaining her MBA and climbing the corporate ladder, she became committed to helping others achieve success. And as an inducted member of the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers, she created the Accelerated High-Performance Program and the Empower Three Leadership, plus lifestyle retreats where she shares her stressless success shift to empower others to bring negative patterns and achieve greater success. I am really excited to be speaking with Janet today. And Janet, welcome to the Franchise Freedom Podcast.

Janet McKee: Thank you, Giuseppe. I’m so thrilled to be here. Appreciate the invitation.

Giuseppe: Yeah, thank you. I’m really looking forward to this. I know we were chatting quite a bit before our call and love to share your insights with all our listeners here. I always like to kind of kick it off for our listeners, if you can fill us in just on your background, how you got into business and what that journey looked like.

Janet’s Journey Into Entrepreneurhood

Janet: Well, as you probably know and many have experienced, I changed directions from the corporate world into being an entrepreneur because of hitting a wall. A complete wall of burnout and exhaustion and overwhelm being in the corporate world. So I was always a high achiever, Giuseppe, so ever since I was in high school and beyond. And I was such a high achiever, I climbed a ladder rapidly in two Fortune 500 companies. Had a very high-level high-pressure job and was so much on fire, that I literally burned out. Landed in the hospital, developed an autoimmune disease that I couldn’t understand and couldn’t control. And when I was in the hospital, I had landed there being unable to eat, because it was too painful and had internal bleeding that wouldn’t stop. I mean really bad. I completely hit the wall with an illness I couldn’t understand, couldn’t control. And the doctors came to me and said, well, Janet, we have a couple options for you. But they were not good options. They didn’t give me much hope. They wanted to start removing organs in my body, or put me on an illness, I’m sorry, put me on a medication for my illness that had a 15% chance of causing cancer. So I didn’t know anything about natural health and healing. But something came over me and I said no. And I got myself out of the hospital, learned how to heal my body naturally. It took a few years of trial and error, but that’s when I became inspired to want to help others. And so I made a complete shift from the corporate world. I went to Columbia University to study health, wellness. And then, after a few other challenges in my life, in my personal life that happened, I began to study psychology and mindset and success and performance, abundance. Like all of these other topics, on top of the whole wellness discussion to see how do people truly achieve a successful life. You know, success in both their personal and professional life. So yeah, I crashed and burned coming out of the corporate world and made a complete shift. And now I’m running a very successful business where I inspire people to achieve success with less stress.

Giuseppe: Wow, that’s great. And that’s, what a journey. I know we were speaking earlier you said, I believe you were working on a book. Putting out a book talking about, you know, your journey and assisting others.

Janet: Yes. And I’m thrilled to mention that we just launched the book about two weeks ago. And it was a huge project. I put my heart and soul. Spent a year, on and off writing that book and sharing some incredible discoveries that we’re going to talk about here on the show today that changed everything for me and for many of my clients. Things that we were hearing out there, as I was doing my research, they were helping a little bit. I called them like these delicious morsels that helped me so, you know, to a point, but then, when I made these discoveries, it brought everything together and what I call like this delicious recipe, and that’s when everything began to advance. So I put these discoveries into a book that, as I said, just launched two weeks ago called Stressless Success.And we use the very theories that I write about in the book, Giuseppe, to do the launch. And we have never done a book launch. I’ve written some other books before but the publishers, whatever, they handle it at all. Well, we did this one ourselves with a publisher. But we did the launch ourselves. And I applied all of the strategies from the book, my team and I, and we went forward completely focused on our goal of launching this book successfully. And because we followed the strategies that we teach, we hit number one Amazon bestseller in at least five categories. And I was still, checked on it yesterday, it was still bestseller.

Giuseppe: That’s awesome. Congrats.

Janet: That is incredible. We were hoping maybe to get in the top 10, maybe for a little bit. And actually, if you’re in the top 100, you’re on the Amazon bestseller list. But to get number one, that was an incredible accomplishment. But I have to tell you, it’s because of the strategies that we learned and applied.

Giuseppe: So I want to maybe, later on, talk about just your that transition from being a corporate executive into becoming an entrepreneur. But before we get into that, you had mentioned talking about some of the morsels. Some of the really good stuff that’s included in that book. Is it, anything you could share? Obviously recommend, and we can talk about where to get a copy of that book. But if you could talk about some of the maybe two or three main ideas in the book, that’d be great.

Janet’s Bestselling Book, Stressless Success

Janet: Okay, well, one of the things you and I were talking about earlier, then this came out of research that we had done for many years is that wellness is the foundation, especially somebody in the corporate world or getting into entrepreneurship, you’ve got to take good care of yourself, because then when you take care of yourself, and we found the world’s most accomplished successful people make wellness a priority. Sleeping well, drinking water, eating fresh food to give you energy, move your body, breathe fresh air, it’s all common sense. But that gives you the energy clarity, confidence, motivation, to put that into whatever business or work that you do. And then you achieve more success from that. So that’s kind of a given. But my biggest discovery is we kept hearing out there, like I was going out around the world and studying with world masters in success and achievement and abundance and a positive mindset. And we keep hearing that you just need to think positively, right? We keep hearing you have to have a positive mindset. Well, my discovery, Giuseppe, is that positive mindset is not the answer. And this shocks people. And the way I discovered this is I do one on one coaching with individuals. I also do onsite workshops and offsite retreats. But I was working with a client of mine who’s the CEO of a $250 million company, her own company. And she has a lot of stress, a lot of pressure, right? We’re working together on that. And she began to share with me one day that she’s particularly concerned because she has a pain in her abdomen. And she’s scared because she doesn’t know if something serious is beginning to develop. But she said to me, but Janet, don’t worry. I know I’ve been to all the workshops, I read all the books, I know all about positive thinking. So I go to bed and I say to myself these positive affirmations and I said to her Monica, what are you saying to yourself? And she said, I go to bed, and I lay there and I say, I’m healthy, I’m healthy, I’m healthy. And I’m hearing her, and she’s conjuring a positive thought. But what’s coming out is the energy of fear. So her situation was continuing to get worse. And this applies to anything. This was her health but anyone that’s dealing with a challenge in their business, or financial issues in their personal or professional life, whatever you’re dealing with. We all have challenges. We all have these things. But if you just try to force a positive thought, that you don’t truly feel good about, you make the situation worse. So it’s not about your mindset. It’s about the energy that you are giving off. We know this. We know this on a basic sense of like a sixth sense we help somebody. So if somebody is really angry and miserable, they had a horrible morning and they show up to a meeting, you kind of sense it from them. I mean, you can see it in their facial expressions but you just can sense it, right? You feel it from them. You feel their energy. Versus somebody that comes into a meeting positive, energized, right? On top of the world. You feel it from them? Well, this is what you give off is your energy. And if you try to force a positive thought about something that you’re very concerned about or very emotional about, you’re putting more of that negative energy into what I call your energy field where people can sense from you or people can feel from you and that affects the outcome of your day and of your life. And in my book, I won’t go into details on that, I discuss how it’s being proven scientifically. There’s work I’ll just throw this out quickly, called quantum mechanics, which is a theory within quantum physics that everything is energy, even solid surfaces that we look at today and touch and feel. Within the atom, the subatomic level everything is flowing with energy. Nothing is solid. What scientists have discovered, much to their amazement, is that when the scientists focus their thought and our energy on something, it was affecting the results of a scientific experiment. So your thoughts and your energy are powerful. But what’s incredible about this is that we have that power within us. You have the power within you to create your reality. You no longer have to just look at the reality and feel a victim to the economy, the government, the clients, the, you know, whatever’s going on. I mean, everybody’s now like, you know, this victim of this virus, whatever. Okay, so, we, so many people live their lives like Well, it’s because of my spouse, I’m unhappy, right? But when they realize and they learn from me, that you have the power within you, by learning how to shift your energy, and I’ll tell you how we did that with Monica, then your reality begins to shift. And it’s so powerful, and it’s so incredible and it’s way, way deeper than just your mindset. I have a whole section of my book that’s titled get out of your head and into your energy. And that’s where the power lies. That’s why so many people have tried to think positive about something and it’s not working for them. And then they’re like, oh, that doesn’t work, right? Like, Oh, don’t tell me to think positive Janet, about this issue. It’s too serious. And don’t even say that. And I know and I agree now that you’re right, you cannot be positive about something that’s truly upsetting. So what do we do instead? I’ve looked at it like a ladder. So if you’re at the bottom rung of a ladder, and you’re feeling very concerned about something. So think about this, what does it feel like to feel anger, fear, guilt, shame, frustration, right? What does it feel like? It feels awful. Now imagine what it feels like to feel peace, love, joy, fulfillment, right? It feels lighter. It feels open. You feel expanded. Well, this is what we want to do. And we must think about that as a ladder. So if you’re on the low rung of a ladder about something like Monica was very concerned and filled with fear about her health, if she tried to jump to the top rung of a ladder, saying, I’m healthy, right? If you try to jump to the top rung of a ladder, you’re going to fall off and break your leg. It’s not gonna work doing that. So what we need to do is climb the ladder gradually with thoughts that feel good because you believe them, and it gives you strong footing. And as you climb the ladder slowly, you’re slowly but competently opening and expanding your energy. And here’s the idea behind this. The book is called Stressless Success and I teach this. You don’t have to get the book just listen or invite me in to speak whatever. Not about selling books. I’m about sharing this information. I even for the audience here a way to get a free copy of the book, by the way. But the idea here is, it’s not true that you need to stress and struggle to get to success. Stress is harmful to your success. And the less you stress, the more you open yourself up to success. And this is what I learned in my life after crashing and burning. And now discovering this through years of research. Now success is close to me with ease. Yes, with positive action, lots of action, but action coming from positive energy, not from stress and struggles. When you stress and struggle, you block opportunities and solutions from coming to you as resistance. You literally block. And even from a physiological standpoint, Giuseppe, when you’re stressed, blood flow comes from your brain and to the extremities of your body because you get in this fight or flight mode because your body is like oh, there’s danger. I’ve got to either run or fight so I’m gonna take all the blood out of my brain and put it to my legs in my arms in case I need to fight or run. And so what happens is you can’t even think clearly to solve the very problem that is upsetting you. So the whole idea here is how to get you to a place of calm, calmness and open you up to not only possibilities and solutions but to success flowing to you because your energy is elevated and expanded. Because every successful person out there the most successful people out there have very expanded energy. You can only imagine, right? Like Elon Musk has very expanded energy. Okay, this is what we’re going from you will get an athlete, an athlete is in the flow when they win that championship. They’re not fearful, they’re not struggling, they’re in the flow. And that’s when that energy just propels them to success. Well, this is what I teach entrepreneurs and business people and CEOs how to get to that. So with Monica, we climbed the ladder slowly. So I said this to her. I said, Okay, Monica, just hold on. We’re going too far to try to say that you’re healthy when you’re not. You’re in pain. So let’s say you’re a bright woman, right? Yes. Okay. Your body’s telling you that something’s out of balance. Yes. And that’s a good thing. Because you need to know that something’s not right. Oh, yeah, you’re right. That is good. Okay, well, you are a smart woman and you’re going to begin to look for solutions to get your body back in balance. Yeah, I can do that. And you’ve done that before. Yeah, I’ve done that before. I’ve known someone that’s done that before. Okay. So you see what we did? We just started to climb to better feeling places because we were choosing thoughts that she believed and felt real. They felt better. Does that make sense?

Giuseppe: Right. Absolutely. And I appreciate that because in the past, I’ve worked with coaches, you know, I’m, you know, when I invested in my first few franchises and a lot of coaches kind of they separate business and personal, I believe. And they’ll go right into the business and put the personal aside. And when you’re expected to work 12, you know, 14, 16 hours a day and you’re just surviving on no sleep and coffee, you’re going to have burnout. So you may think you’re productive in the very beginning, but eventually, burnout is going to kick your butt and you’re going to be out of work for a while. And I noticed that was happening to me because I was getting some great advice on the business side. But how do you take care of yourself between gaining weight and tired all the time? And of course, as you mentioned, you know, what’s your mindset when you’re on no sleep? You’re going to be moody, and that’s going to come across. You can mask it, or try to mask it, you know, as much as you want but that’s going to definitely come across your employees or to your prospects and things like that. So yeah.

Struggle is Counterproductive to Productivity

Janet: Absolutely. You cannot deal with challenges if you’re exhausted and fried from overdoing caffeine and not getting enough sleep and not eating healthy. It’s just a given. Our research has shown, Giuseppe, that if you do not get enough rest, it’s equivalent to being drunk the next day. You think that by staying up late, you’re getting more done. You’re not. You’re getting less done because the next day you are fried, you’re exhausted. You have no idea how productive and efficient you can be when you have good rest and are feeling fabulous. Then it is easier to have that expanded elevated energy and to be in the zone when you’re taking care of yourself first. So that’s why we get burned out because we think we have to stress and struggle to get to success. The opposite is true. And this is what I’m trying to share with people and when they begin to discover it, it’s amazing. I have one client, he actually was a general in the military, had a very prominent position actually spoke at the White House at one point in his career and convinced the FAA of a multi-billion dollar project in this talk that he gave. They bought onto the project. And now he’s an elected official. And he came to me very late in his career, he’s 70, he’s like Janet, I need you to work with me. And I said, Well, why? You’ve been through, you’re so experienced. Your resume, it’s so incredible. And I’m thinking to myself, how can I possibly help such a prominent, accomplished man? He said, I’m unhappy, I’m frustrated. I’ve tried everything, and I need a real solution that lasts. And I said, Okay, he said, I’m counting the days until I retire. And that’s not good, right? Because I could tell this guy has a lot to share with his community. Like we want him to be vibrant in his community because he has a lot of value to add. And that’s how I look at people. It’s not about me, it’s about them. And this is a key thing for any entrepreneur, by the way. It’s not about you. It’s about your client. And when you put your client first, business flows in incredible ways. Incredible. And so I’m looking at him like, wait a minute, this guy is brilliant. People need him. So what’s going on here? So I worked with him and essentially because at first he thought, he actually called me a Pollyanna. He said, Janet, I really trust you. You have a great, you know, great respect and integrity in your industry. But I don’t know about this what you’re saying that I just need to shift my energy and all these things will shift. Like you don’t understand, Janet, I’ve had this issue with this person that I’ve run against for years. And we hate each other. And we’re on this council together and we hate each other. And we’ve hated each other for 10 years. Do not tell me that it’s ever going to change. You cannot change this. And I said, No, we’re not going to try to change the person, we’re going to change you. And we shifted his energy because that’s what was bringing him down. It was burning him out. It was frustrating him. And it was causing him to hate what he was doing and counting the days till he retired. We shifted his energy and little by little, even at first he didn’t believe that he started to see results. And little by little, he said, Janet, you’re not gonna believe this but this person’s friends who used to never talk to me now are complimenting me. And then the next few weeks of coaching, he said, You’re not gonna believe this but this person is now saying hello to me and talking to me at these meetings. And now they recently they just went on a trip together to Tallahassee to do some great work for the community. He said that now, it’s like, he looks at he’s living in a dual universe. A universe where everybody’s living in this negative energy and this misery and he’s living in this like vibrant positivity. And how everything around him is starting to shift. Now, Giuseppe, he’s running for the next higher office and no longer counting the days to retirement. Now some of you might be thinking, what? I just can’t wait to retire. But the idea here is he has a lot of value to add, and he wants to keep contributing to the world and to the community. If you want to retire, great. That’s awesome. And, you know, go It, but go to retirement feeling good, not feeling miserable and burned out. But he’s now proceeding to the next highest thing. So one of the things that’s interesting is he said, Janet, I have never slept well. I’ve never slept well. We’re never going to fix that. Guess what we fixed. His sleep too. He’s now sleeping like seven, eight hours a night better than ever. Now, not every night. Every now and then something goes wrong, but we’re starting to figure out why. When he stays up late and eats late, he notices his sleep is disrupted. It’s like, it’s amazing.

Giuseppe: That’s awesome. I couldn’t agree more. And I know a lot of people, their end goal is retirement and they work their butts off and then they finally get to that stage and they can’t even enjoy it because they have a slew of health issues. And I was reading somewhere, I believe it was in the Blue Zones, how certain societies that the word retirement doesn’t exist. You know, they love what they do. They have that sense of purpose and they just enjoy and they continue on. Maybe they, you know, work a little bit less, but they, it’s just part of their lifestyle. So this is a, this is great. I’m actually really looking forward to the book. You had mentioned

Avoiding Burnout

Janet: You just said something really important, though, part of me if I may stop you, something really, really important that I want to make sure your listening audience caught that. They love what they do so much, they don’t even have a word for retirement. Is that what you said? Something like that?

Giuseppe: Yes. Exactly.

Janet: Okay. This is exactly one of the secrets. And one of the, I mean, some of the emails back and forth in the notes, you said, you know, what are some of the key points for people, when they’re moving into their career or making a change, possibly from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, like, what are some key things? And I mentioned one, which is, it’s about your client. It’s about your customer. When you put that first, it’s not about you, it’s about your customer, you’d be surprised at how business just flows. But you just said the second key point, which is love your business, love what you do, because then it doesn’t feel like work. So you talked earlier about working 14, 18 hours a day and living on coffee and being burned out. Well somebody said to me when I was working on my book, and really putting all my energy into my book launch, like, Janet, how are you dealing with the stress? And I used to joke. I’m like, Oh, I need to read my own book, right? But I was joking because what I realized, is busy does not mean stressed. If you’re busy with a project that you love and you’re excited about, that’s fabulous. That feeds you at so many levels, right? That feeds your soul. And you’re like doing good work and you love it and you have a great business, then you’re not burned out, you feel energized by the end of the day. But that’s an attitude. That’s a mindset. And that’s an energy shift. And this is one of the key things. People think I hate my job so I’m going to quit and I’m going to go and do this other thing and then I’ll be happy. That’s a big mistake. Not to, I don’t want to stop you from doing the other thing that’s absolutely brilliant. And I want you to do that. But if you, if you’re miserable now and you think that move is going to make you happy, then you never learned the most important thing for success in that new role. And that is to elevate and expand your energy where you are now. If you can learn resilience now from where you are, no matter how challenging no matter how much, it’s a struggle, no matter how upsetting, you learn that resilience now, which I would love to teach you. Then when you take that step into it as an entrepreneur, into a new role with another company, whatever that is, you’re bringing with you that power that you have within you to create. And when you step forward coming from that power of positive energy, that next step that you take is going to feed that back to you. You have a better chance of incredible success when you take that step. I had a client. She was a prospective client, she called me She said, Well, I might want to work with you. She said but I hate my job. I hate the city where I live. So I’m gonna get a new job in a new city when a move. And I said, Whoa, wait a minute. I said, just before you take that step, we got to get you fulfilled and happy where you are now first. She said no, impossible. Well, she went and made the leap to the new job, the new steady, she called me a month later, she said, Janet, I got the new job, the New City and I’m unhappy. I said I know. Because you took yourself with you. You got to learn that the power is within you to create and if you can create even slightly better, elevated expanded energy from where you are now in something that maybe you don’t love, or you don’t think you love, okay, then you’re going to take that step with more confidence into entrepreneurship. You’re going to take that step with, you know, positive anticipation. You’re going to create success from that. You create it from your energy, but you need to do it now from where you are.

Giuseppe: Right. Now, that was great. That was great. And, you know, as we were talking before the show, and I do assist corporate executives, find, you know, getting into entrepreneurship find franchise opportunities. And we had talked about, you know, what’s, you know, how do you go about it? Which franchises do you recommend or would you look at? And we kind of reverse engineer it and I say, let’s look at what makes you happy. What does the business look like? You know, you want to work from home? Do you want to have a retail store? So it just, it’s a different way? I think I think the value that you’re coaching in the book is bringing just a different perspective, different way of looking at it. Asking better and asking the right questions, because if you’re.

What do You Really Want?

Janet: Yeah, yeah, but I’m just I’m so excited about what you just said because that’s what I love about what you do. We had this conversation and when I discovered that, I mean, you could easily just say, Oh yeah, buy this franchise, make the deal. Sell it, make the money, done. But what you do is far deeper and far better. You find out what do these people really want? What do they, what makes them happy, like you said. Think about what do you want in general terms? What does it feel like? What do you want to feel like when you go to bed at night? What do you want to feel like when you wake up in the morning, to go to work, before you go to work? And from that, we’re going to create that. and that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re not just leading someone to any old franchise. You are helping them create what they truly want. And so from that, they’re going to be more successful. You’re helping your clients move to success. Not just any old franchise that they’re just, you know, picking out of thin air. I love that about what you’re doing. And that is very, very important and I hope people recognize that.

Giuseppe: I appreciate that and definitely answered, I had a few other questions but you answered those. It was, you know number one piece of advice. This has been very helpful. I’ve definitely enjoyed it. For people listening in, if they wanted to get a copy of the book, where can they get a copy?

Janet: Yes, thank you for asking. Actually, I’m gonna give people some free things as an offer here as a thank you for listening today to our Franchise Freedom Podcast, and then go to stresslesssuccess.com. So stresslesssuccess.com. Just go visit there. You’re going to get an automatic download of a free PDF first of all, which is a three-day banish burnout Stressless Success shift ebook. And that’s going to help you immediately begin the process to achieve greater levels of energy, confidence, motivation and joy with zero stress. But also, you’ll have the opportunity to grab a free copy, a free print copy of my new best selling book, the Stressless Success book. And that’s to live a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity. This and those are the secrets to living, which is really cool because it’s my newest discoveries that have changed everything. And when you get the book, I’m also going to give you a free workbook that goes along with the book. So as you’re working through this, you can like mark things down and begin to apply these discoveries into your life so that you get results faster. And I’m also even going to give you a three video series where I’m actually online, on video, teaching you deeper and in more ways how to apply the principles from the book. So I’m just giving away this information all to you as much as possible because I want you to have it. The only thing on the print book is you need to just pay the postage, but everything else given to you. Just visit stresslesssuccess.com. I will not spam you, I will not bombard you with emails. Your email is kept private. And I’m just honored to have an opportunity to share with you these discoveries because I want you to be successful. And I want your business to be so successful that maybe someday you invite me in to speak to your employees and inspire them as well.

Giuseppe: Wow. That’s great. Very generous of you. We will be putting all that information in the show notes so keep an eye out for that. We’re speaking here with Janet McKee of Santaview. Janet, what is the best way, you know, you had given the website but if someone wants to reach out, what is the best way for them to reach out to you?

Janet: Sure, feel free to email me directly. Janet@janetmckee.com. That’s the easiest one to remember. Janet@janetmckee.com. JANETMCKEE. Or call me, I take all the calls on my cell phone. I work with everyone directly. I’d even be glad to talk to anybody with a free personal strategy session. 7244176695 is my direct dial.

Giuseppe: Great. And we will include that in the show notes as well. So, Janet, this has been great. I’m sure we could definitely be talking all day. I appreciate your time. As I mentioned, probably, we will be sending out this information in about a week’s time and looking forward to speaking again.

Janet: Thank you, Giuseppe. I’ve enjoyed this so much. You are brilliant. I love what you’re doing. You keep it up, and I hope that we stay in touch with each other going forward.

Giuseppe: Absolutely. Thank you very much, Janet.

Janet: Thank you and thanks to the listening audience for attending today. Appreciate it.