Jeff Badu | Should You Hire An Accountant?

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In today’s episode, we are speaking with Jeff Badu, Founder and CEO of Badu Enterprises, LLC

I recently heard Jeff on another podcast and was really impressed on what he had to say, and I thought it would be a great idea for him to answer a lot of the questions I receive on a daily basis.

Jeff talks about:

*When to hire an accountant
*The differences between an accountant vs a CPA
*The value an accountant brings to you personally and business with the constant changes to the tax code
*And so much more!

Jeff also offers some great resources at where you can also contact Jeff to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

For more information Jeff’s info is below:

Jeff Badu, CPA
Founder & CEO
4258 N Greenview Ave, Ste 1E
Chicago, IL 60613
Office: (773) 819-5675
Cell: (773) 679-7198
Company: Badu Tax Services LLC

Jeff Badu is a parallel entrepreneur and a wealth multiplier. He’s a Licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the founder and CEO of Badu Enterprises, LLC, which is a multinational conglomerate that owns several key companies. His marquee company is Badu Tax Services, LLC, which is a CPA firm that specializes in tax preparation, tax planning, and tax representation for individuals and businesses. Another key company is Badu Investments, LLC, which is a real estate investment company that acquires residential and commercial rental real estate properties in areas such as the South Side of Chicago in efforts to restore traditionally underserved areas. What sparked his interest in launching these companies is his passion for helping people minimize their tax liability and ultimately multiplying their money by investing it and building multi-generational wealth. His purpose in life is to inspire and support the super hungry to take hold of infinite resources in order to create an abundant lifestyle.