Leveraging The Power Of A Franchise Family

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Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest, Luke Schulte, as they talk about how they leverage the power of seven brands to bring profitability to their franchisees and professional deals, from start to finish, to their customers. In this episode, Luke explains how Premium Service Brands handles all of a household’s needs by leveraging the power of multiple brands. As franchisors, he discusses the various factors that they find critical to match potential franchisees to the brand that fits them most. While most franchisees chase revenue, Luke tells us how their franchisees achieve profitability through systems and technology.

In this episode you will learn:

  • We share the same customers…
  • Serving all of a household’s needs.
  • The demand for home services during the pandemic. 
  • How can we make our franchisees more profitable?
  • On earning and tracking people’s trust.

About Luke Schulte:

Schulte came to Premium Service Brands last year with over a decade of experience in franchise development, including roles with several home service brands. After joining Premium Service Brands in 2019 as the vice president of franchise development for ProLift Garage Doors, he is now taking on the role of vice president of franchise development for Premium Service Brands.
In his new role, Luke oversees the franchise development for all of the brands under the Premium Service Brands umbrella and is responsible for the overarching direction. His role includes making sure that they’re building and fostering relationships with all prospective leads and facilitating the closing process.

With Luke’s experience in the home services segment, he quickly recognized that PSB offered candidates a unique opportunity. PSB franchisees can take advantage of a robust, multi-brand parent company and potentially invest in several businesses to utilize other teams’ expertise, consolidate customer acquisition, and increase profitability.

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