The Franchise Freedom Podcast

Hosted by Giuseppe Grammatico


Franchise Freedom is for corporate executives who are tired of the rat race, the politics, and the lack of control inside the corporate monster and are ready to break free by owning a franchise.



Finding the Best-Fit Franchise

For some people investing in a franchise is ideal. They’re ready to take advantage of a proven business model and product, brand awareness, established marketing strategies, and more. But franchises aren’t for everybody… and many people pick the wrong franchise and don’t realize it until it’s too late. Before investing anything there are certain factors

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Adam Lean | Avoiding the Cash Flow Trap

It’s a frustrating situation. You’ve increased revenue in your growing business. But, cautions Adam Lean, that doesn’t mean profit increases automatically. In fact, profits can fall even as you boost revenues… unless you pay attention to key elements in your business. In other words, you can be making a ton of money – and not

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Giuseppe Grammatico | Seizing the Opportunity in Franchises

There is a way to sidestep many of the hassles and obstacles that come with starting up a business. You can hit the ground running with a profitable product, proven marketing approach, well-defined target audience, and even an outline for how you operate day to day. It’s a franchise. And in the Franchise Freedom Podcast,

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