The Franchise Freedom Podcast

Hosted by Giuseppe Grammatico


Franchise Freedom is for corporate executives who are tired of the rat race, the politics, and the lack of control inside the corporate monster and are ready to break free by owning a franchise.



How To Deliver A Remarkable Customer Experience with Henry Lopez

Welcome to another episode of Franchise Freedom! Today, Giuseppe Grammatico is joined by Henry Lopez to talk about the proper way to converse with clients, which Henry and Giuseppe both have a lot of experience with and mostly share about what they learned by recognizing how certain aspects of the conversation feel. These kinds of

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The Top 3 Ways To Make Any Decision In Life and In Business

Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico as he kicks off the first episode of Franchise Freedom, welcoming the year 2022. Giuseppe gives us his top three ways of making any decision that affects life and business to inspire our goal-getters and change-makers out there. After hearing feedback and requests, Giuseppe also talks about mixing things up

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2021 Year End Review With Free Resources with Giuseppe Grammatico

Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico in this 2021 year-end special episode. In this episode, Giuseppe recalls his most valuable takeaways and recommendations for the year 2021 of podcasting. After meeting numerous figures in business and franchising, Giuseppe imparts his favorite golden nuggets on investing, goal setting, and leveraging. Tune in as he also reflects on

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Alternative Options To Fund Your Business with Daniel Blue

Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest Daniel Blue, the CEO and Founder of Quest Education. In this episode, Daniel and Giuseppe talk about how you can access your retirement account penalty-free and tax-free. Daniel shares his unorthodox path to entrepreneurship after overcoming three major life events. Daniel also explains what you need to

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Passion vs Hobby In Your Career with Zack Ballinger

Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest, author, career consultant, and motivational speaker Zack Ballinger. In this episode, Zack and Giuseppe discuss how success and enjoyment can both be found in a career and profession. Here, Zack talks about how self-discovery helped him find his passion career and how he realized the effects of

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From Side Hustle To Small Business with Charles Alexander

Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest Charles Alexander, the Director of the Small Business Development Center at Volunteer State College.  In this episode, Charles and Giuseppe talk about the ways that transform side hustles into small businesses. From one-on-one coaching and working with 1,000 entrepreneurs, today, Charles shares his thoughts on mindset building,

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Can You Really Run A Business Fully Remote? | Neel Parekh

On today’s episode, we are talking with Neel Parekh Neel is the Founder and CEO of MaidThis® Franchise, the first-ever US-based cleaning franchise specializing in short-term rental cleanings. Neel has generated almost $10M in revenue over the past five years while running his local business completely remote while traveling the world. Now, he’s on a

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The Importance of a Performance Lifestyle | John Allen Mollenhauer

On today’s episode, we are talking with my good friend John Allen Mollenhauer aka JAM JAM is a performance lifestyle coach and helps entrepreneurs, business owners and executives who depend on their energy, health, and performance in tandem with a good business model to succeed, develop high-performance lifestyles so they can achieve even their most ambitious goals while living in

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Ditch Your Sales Pitch For A Trust-Based Sales Approach | Ari Galper

On today’s episode, we are talking with Ari Galper Ari is the world’s #1 authority on trust-based selling and has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine, SkyNews, and the Australian Financial Review. Ari’s big lesson you’ll learn today is that you lose the sale, not because you haven’t demonstrated enough value, but because you haven’t

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