In today’s episode of the Franchise Freedom Podcast, we chat with franchise industry veteran Aicha Bascaro. Aicha has been in the franchise industry for over 30 years and is the CEO and founder of the American Franchise Academy.

Aicha’s industry experience is largely on the corporate side of franchise transactions, along with managing operations with direct P&L responsibilities for brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, and Olive Garden.

The American Franchise Academy is a fantastic source of information and focuses on helping franchisees turn their one unit franchise into a multi-unit enterprise through systems that increase employee retention and productivity, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The different stages of a franchise brand
  • Why franchising is an excellent vehicle for entrepreneurship
  • How to expand after you’ve started up your first franchis
  • The best ways to monitor your progress and ensure you’re hitting your goals
  • Why semi-absentee franchise ownership may be counterproductive

Connect with Aicha Bascaro

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