On this week’s episode of the Franchise Freedom Podcast, we speak with special guest, David Kadavy. David is the best-selling author of Design for Hackers, The Heart to Start, and Mind Management, Not Time Management, which will be released very soon, and is the host of the Love Your Work Podcast. His books aim to help people be productive when creativity matters. He was previously a design advisor whose mind management principles were applied to features now used by millions of people on Google Calendar. He currently resides in Medellin, Colombia.

“So many of the things we do don’t necessarily take a lot of time. It takes as much time to invest $10,000 as it does a million dollars. It takes as much time to write the book that sells zero copies as the book that sells a million copies. The difference is actually having those insights and arriving at moments where everything that you know about your problem space is all accessible, and you’re able to come up with innovative ideas that within a moment completely take you to the next level. That’s the thing that I’m exploring in the new book,” says David.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Mind management and learning to exercise ideas
  • His experience working with behavioral scientists and his contributions to Google Calendar
  • How he got his start in entrepreneurship
  • Following your curiosity
  • And more

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