Today, we’re thrilled to have Joey Romanczuk join us for a special two-part series. Joey transitioned from being a corporate executive to owning a franchise, and he has an inspiring story to share.

Joey’s Corporate Journey and Decision to Own a Franchise

Joey Romanczuk, the proud owner of RestoPros of Hudson County, had a successful career as a general manager for a large automotive firm. He climbed the corporate ladder to become a territory operations manager, overseeing numerous service centers and a substantial customer service team. Despite his professional growth and increased earning potential, Joey found himself lacking the most valuable resource: time. The demanding nature of his job meant sacrificing weekends and holidays, which prompted him to seek a change.

Exploring various business opportunities, Joey quickly realized that franchising could be the perfect fit for him. After numerous discussions and evaluations, he chose RestoPros and embarked on his journey as a franchise owner. Joey’s story is a testament to the importance of time freedom and the desire to create a more balanced life.

The Transition: Employee to Employer

Transitioning from a corporate employee to a franchise owner is a significant shift, both emotionally and practically. Joey describes this move as an “emotional roller coaster,” where the security of a consistent paycheck is replaced by the responsibility of making all business decisions. The support of family and close advisors was crucial for Joey, as his decision affected everyone around him.

Joey emphasizes the importance of having a strong “why” when deciding to become an entrepreneur. Understanding the motivation behind this transition helps navigate the inevitable ups and downs of business ownership. For Joey, the primary driver was reclaiming his time and achieving a better work-life balance.

Building a Business with Family Support

One key aspect Joey highlights is the necessity of family support. Before making the leap, he had in-depth discussions with his fiancée to ensure she was on board with the changes ahead. This support system is vital because entrepreneurship affects not just the business owner but also their loved ones.

Joey shared a personal story to illustrate this point: in the early days of his business, he received an emergency call late at night and had to leave his home to address it. These moments underscore the importance of having a family that understands and supports the entrepreneurial journey.

Learning the Ropes of Franchise Ownership

Joey’s approach to franchise ownership involves being hands-on and deeply involved in every aspect of his business. From acting as a technician and salesperson to managing finances, Joey wears multiple hats. This hands-on experience allows him to define what good looks like and set expectations for future hires.

Starting from the ground up, Joey plans to scale his business by eventually hiring a general manager and other key roles. This strategy not only helps him understand every facet of the business but also positions him to make informed decisions as he transitions into a more strategic role.

The Future of Joey’s Franchise Journey

Looking ahead, Joey envisions a business model where he spends less time on daily operations and more on high-level decisions. His goal is to create a sustainable and scalable business, with a strong focus on providing excellent benefits to his employees—a crucial but often overlooked aspect of business ownership.

Joey’s story illustrates that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to franchising. Each individual’s journey will depend on their skills, support network, and financial situation. Whether diving in full-time or balancing a job while starting a franchise, the key is to find a path that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.


Joey Romanczuk‘s journey from corporate executive to franchise owner is a powerful example of the freedom and opportunities franchising can offer. By prioritizing time freedom and family support, Joey has navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship with resilience and determination. His story is an inspiration to anyone considering making the leap from employee to entrepreneur.

Giuseppe Grammatico is a franchise veteran, coach, author, speaker & consultant who simplifies the process of franchising and excels at guiding his candidates to the business model that best suits their desired lifestyle.

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