On this week’s episode of the Franchise Freedom Podcast, we’re joined by special guest, Jay Johnson. After a 26-year career with the Navy Search and Rescue, Jay founded a residential real estate company structured to educate and assist military families needing assistance with buying and selling homes, particularly during relocation. He currently splits his time between his real estate company and his passion project of educating others on real estate investing. 

“When it was time to transition out of the military, I got my real estate license and saw that there were gaps with people actually helping military families with relocation moves and with people who knew what resources were available. So what was initially going to be just an investment endeavor turned into starting this real estate company,” says Jay.

In this episode you will learn:

  • His advice for real estate beginners
  • His podcast, Expertish
  • His advice on making the transition towards entrepreneurship
  • How his company is helping military families
  • And more

Connect with Jay Johnson

Website: http://landingcollective.com