You’ll probably relate to Jon Warner’s story. Before starting his own businesses (which he was able to sell), becoming a best-selling author, advising startups, and advocating for older adults with his company Silver Moonshots… Jon left the corporate world because he was disillusioned.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing at the beginning. But he wouldn’t trade it. And what he learned over the years – from triumphs and mistakes – has given him a lot of ammunition as he helps other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

One of his biggest pieces of advice for prospective first-timers: don’t jump in headfirst, conduct rigorous research into the businesses you’re considering. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • What questions you should ask to get accurate and actionable data
  • The opportunity in addressing the unmet needs of the over 50 population 
  • A dangerous motivation killer for new entrepreneurs (that could kill your venture)
  • The difference between market research and customer discovery
  • And more

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