Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico with guest, authority marketing strategist and author, Mike Saunders. In this episode, Mike talks about how experts can present their solutions to problems, even if they’re no longer new, in a thoroughly efficient and outstanding manner. As an expert in authority positioning, Mike stresses there is critical value in how a solution is articulated and not just on the solution itself. When talking about the optimization of content, he also explains the concept of repurposing. For Mike, recycling content on different platforms helps stretch a content’s value-adding characteristic and leads to a content’s omnipresence.

In this episode you will learn:

  • “Create your own expertise in the pond you fish in.” 
  • What is authority marketing?
  • Setting foot on the other side of the equation: On having a full-time career and a business.
  • The impact of repurposing content.
  • Is knowledge power?

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