Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and guest David Alto as David explains the importance of LinkedIn to your career. As the hiring expert, David talks about the elements that help get you on an interview for that job you’re confident of landing. He speaks on the pros of LinkedIn vs. Facebook, and LinkedIn bots, as well as how he tackles crafting the kind of resume that gets responses. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • How David Alto grew his following on LinkedIn 
  • LinkedIn is your free personal branding site 
  • This is the best time to find a job 
  • How to have your resume move past a filter 
  • Should you spend hours tweaking a resume for one application? 

About David Alto: 

David Alto has helped 300+ middle management and C-suite professionals land new careers over the past 10 months.  

For him, removing the frustration that job seekers have while applying for job after job and only getting those darn rejection emails is what makes setting that alarm for 5 AM all worth it. 

David’s previous experience as a hiring manager – grassroots recruiter – and decades of interviewing have allowed him to craft resumes that tell “your story.” 

He provides his clients with tools and teaches them how to keep them sharp for their entire working career. Allowing them to go from rejected to recruit

Identifying his clients’ strengths while probing them for what they really enjoy doing allows David to craft “their story.” He knows how to best position job seekers by leveraging LinkedIn and getting his clients noticed by recruiters. 

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