Building a Franchise

4 Tips to Build Your Franchise Through Marketing


As a franchise owner, there are benefits that come from your franchise’s marketing efforts. Owning a franchise means you do not have to heavily worry about focusing on marketing. However, these are 4 tips that you can take into consideration when trying to build your business on a local level.

#1 Be present online and on social media

Social media is the way a majority of marketing takes place now. Making sure your franchise location has their own Instagram and Facebook page is a great way to get online and be present on social media. Being active on social media is important to see what customers who visit your location are saying. To grow a local customer base, you should be interactive with people who follow, like, and comment about your franchise. It’s also good to look at other franchise locations’ social media accounts to see what they’re doing, allowing you to learn from their tactics. Similarly, looking at Google and Yelp reviews can tell what is going well or help you to see areas of improvement for your business.

#2 Take advantage of digital media

Digital marketing can be a way to market at a lower cost. Running Google Ads, and Facebook/ Instagram ads for your franchise can build brand awareness and loyalty from local customers. Also, getting customers to sign up for an email or text list allows you to understand the demographics of your market. Email/ text sign ups can be achieved by offering incentives like getting a coupon or free item when you sign up. The more ways society finds reasons to do things remotely, the more people will turn to an all digital life, giving more opportunities to reach people on the internet. Business professionals recommend getting on social media now, before it is too late in the game.

#3 Be a good citizen

Depending on the location of your franchise location, it is necessary to be a good neighbor to the people residing around your business. If you have the ability to open a franchise in the same neighborhood you live in, this gives many more reasons as to why you should be a productive citizen of your own community. Wherever your location is, it is important to be clean, safe, and responsible. Simple things like make sure the trash is taken out properly, and kept in the bins adds to the appeal of your location. Nobody wants to park in a dirty parking lot the same way no one wants to enter your building if it is smelly and not clean. 

Another way to be a good citizen is donating to local charities and supporting local youth sports teams. Many youth teams are sometimes sponsored by businesses in the area, and having your franchise location on their team t-shirt or on a banner ad in the field is a win-win way to support a good cause and advertise at the same time. All in all, make sure to reach out to the local community to see what they want to see from you, and how you might be able to help.

#4 Create a respectable reputation

Becoming a franchise owner is a serious title to have. Making sure to upkeep, and even grow your business reputation will help in the long run as opportunities arise. You can post tips and tricks of the business, and even write informative blogs to teach others how to do well in the franchise business. Becoming an expert in the area will make other people reach out for information from you, further expanding your network. 

In conclusion, it is likely there will be budgets and guidelines set for your franchise as to how much local marketing you can do on your own. However, these constraints are usually put in place for a reason. Working in the boundaries with strategies you have developed can be the difference of major success, and just floating by. Definitely reach out to your franchisor when developing strategies outside of the box, because you might just come up with the franchise’s next best idea.

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