Jim Oliver | The Infinite Banking Method

Infinite Banking Method

Jim Oliver took a long look at Wall Street… and discovered an even better investment. One with more control and options. It also offers the ability to speed up your returns exponentially.

It’s entrepreneurship. Today, Jim is the proud owner of 11 businesses. Through his firm, Create Tailwind, he helps others not only maximize their investment in themselves but also their ideas. 

According to Jim, starting from scratch is one way to go about it. But he has a few easier ways to get into business, leveraging what others have done before you.

It’s a time of economic crisis right now, but Jim says there’s an opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. it’s called the Infinite Banking Method.

The Infinite Banking Method is insurance-based investing that allows you to have more control of your money, and make it work harder for you. With this method, you can grow your wealth faster and have more options when it comes to using your money.

We talk about that, as well as…

  • How to be your own “bank”.
  • Three questions you must ask about your retirement planning.
  • The biggest dangers in financial planning – and how to counteract them.
  • Why you should run your personal finances like a business.
  • And more!

Jim Oliver is the founder of Create Tailwind and an expert on the Infinite Banking Method. He joins us today to discuss how this method can help you grow your wealth, and why it’s a smarter way to invest.

Listen now…

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Listen now as our host, Giuseppe Grammatico, and Special Guest Jim Oliver discuss The Infinite Banking Method…

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