Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and guest David Weaver as he talks about the major factors that draw an individual into franchising. For David, you can be in all kinds of business when you enter franchising. He explains how the Y2K bug threw him into a real-life MBA, what he means by franchising as a ‘game within a game,’ and his thoughts on making your spouse a business partner. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • What the Y2K Bug did to some businesses 
  • Franchising is all about systems 
  • David Weaver on franchise vs. startup 
  • Franchising: The game within the game 
  • Why you should do business with your spouse 

About David Weaver: 

David Weaver has a diverse and comprehensive background to draw on as a franchise expert and a FranChoice consultant. Having honed his business skills in a variety of ways, he now looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with others. 

David was born and raised in Indiana and got his first taste of business ownership early in life. His father and mother both owned businesses, and that is where, at a young age, he learned the Midwestern values of honesty and integrity in business dealings that he carries with him to this day. 

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