Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest Daniel Blue, the CEO and Founder of Quest Education. In this episode, Daniel and Giuseppe talk about how you can access your retirement account penalty-free and tax-free. Daniel shares his unorthodox path to entrepreneurship after overcoming three major life events. Daniel also explains what you need to know about Solo 401(k) plans, and the three key areas that you need to come to terms with before scaling your business.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Daniel Blue – on overcoming early parenthood, Doxicon addiction, and dropping out of college
  • A Solo 401(k) is like a Swiss-army Knife
  • Who qualifies for a Solo 401(k)?
  • Nail down your market and be clear on your core values
  • A sure way to keep you small…

About Daniel Blue:

Daniel is a Forbes contributor and owner of a 7-figure business called Quest Education. Daniel’s company aims to empower people and provide more freedom over one’s finances. They give resources and provide education for individuals to maximize control over their money and provide their customers with world-class service.

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Blueprint To Your Best Retirement: How to Access Your Retirement Account Penalty and Tax-Free, Book by Daniel Blue