These days, Andrew Sherman is a lawyer advising entrepreneurs looking to grow through the franchise model or invest in franchise businesses. It’s a topic this partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP and expert on business growth knows well from personal experience as a young man.

In this episode we switch things up a bit and talk about how to determine if your existing business might be worth franchising or licensing, including three main factors you must consider.

We also talk about why the past stereotypes about franchisees have been blown out of the water in the current era… and what the new type of franchise relationships that are emerging mean for you if you invest in this business model.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What today’s low interest rates mean for small businesses seeking funding
  • The difference between franchising and licensing
  • How to determine if franchising is a fit for your career reinvention
  • What you must consider as you determine your role in a potential franchise
  • And more

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