Join your host, Giuseppe Grammatico, and his special guest, Kevin Thompson, in discussing the essential elements needed to create million-dollar business relationships. From Kevin’s journey and the importance of active appreciation in network building to the power of giving and the science behind it to the lack of trust that successful entrepreneurs often experience and how to be better at receiving, this podcast will provide invaluable advice on how to make meaningful connections. As a bonus, Kevin recommends reading Dale Carnegie’s timeless classic How to Win Friends and Influence People to get back to the basics of relationship building. So, tune in and learn how to take your business relationships to the next level!

In this episode you will learn:

  • From Bering Sea to Business Success: The Journey of Kevin Harrington
  • Connecting Entrepreneurs with Impact and Legacy
  • How to Unlock Doors of Opportunity with Genuine Gratitude
  • Why It’s Not Always Better to Give Than to Receive
  • How to Unlock Abundance and Wealth in Your Life
  • And so much more!

About Kevin Thompson:

After selling $16.1 Million of his products and services solely through strategic partnerships, Kevin Thompson understands the value of relationships. As host of the Million Dollar Relationships podcast and founder of the Tribe For Leaders community, he creates positive change on a global scale by facilitating new valuable relationships for high-level entrepreneurs and CEOs so they can make an even more significant impact in the world. By being their conduit of trust for almost two decades, the introductions he’s made have been worth millions. Because he’s such a steward of relationships, Kevin’s ability to cut through all the red tape, open doors that are closed to others, eliminate rejection, and guarantee a red-carpet reception for you, your ideas, and your proposals.

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