Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and guest Frank Caperino as Franchise Frank spills everything he knows as an expert on how to get an E-2 visa to own a franchise in the US. Frank has collected over a decade and a half of experience and knowledge on what goes around in the world of visas and franchising. He explains what an E-2 visa allows you to do, how the L1 visa supports those who want to conduct business from non-treaty countries in the US, and so much more. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Frank Caperino, from employee to employer 
  • With an E-2 visa, you can do almost everything an American Citizen does 
  • There’s nearly a 15-year backlog for EB5 visas 
  • How Frank Caperino markets to an immigration lawyer 
  • L1 visas are for non-treaty countries 

About Frank Caperino: 

Frank Caperino is Franchise Frank. A world-renowned marketer who has a real understanding of franchises and how to own one. He has a personal passion for helping individuals or families who want to buy a franchise and will provide insights into the franchises he has in his database. They range from Boutique Fitness, Consulting, Essential Services, and franchise concepts you never thought existed. 

He is also able to assist international investors who want to buy into a franchise and is able to facilitate matters relating to US immigration requirements for international business investors. 

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