Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest, Ben Albert, to discuss what people need to know and what people are doing wrong when it comes to marketing their businesses. When people Google your business, the first impression can make or break you. Ben explains the importance of knowing where your audience is, why people tend to forget the ­human-to-human ingredient of marketing, the social media platforms you need not be in, and so much more.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Your zone of genius is your zone to be in!
  • People think connections can be automated
  • Certain businesses work best on specific social media platforms
  • Collaboration moves the needle
  • Ben Albert – on giving Google a good first impression of your business

About Ben Albert:

It lights Ben up to help people to find their way. He loves to help people find the essence of who they are and empower them and their companies to make their mark in the world. None of us deserve to feel small or invisible.

This is why Ben chose a career in marketing. In marketing, he has found the unique opportunity to empower business people to reach the RIGHT community, the RIGHT clients, and the RIGHT partners, who share the same beliefs and values. As a result, businesses can scale above their highest potential, filling up pockets and the soul.

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