Lacey Langford is an Accredited Financial Counselor who helps military families negotiate the financial issues unique to their world. As an Army brat, Air Force vet, and military spouse, she knows how the challenges facing this community – and how to overcome them.

But the lessons she shares about financial planning, entrepreneurship, and more are universal. 

In fact, one of her specialties is helping people transition away from a traditional job to starting their own business – so they can control their own financial future and not depend on a boss. This is especially useful in these uncertain times.

She says many first-time entrepreneurs rush in too quickly. She recommends a more methodical approach to the start-up process.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to fit your business into your family’s financial planning
  • Two factors many first-time entrepreneurs forget 
  • How to work most effectively with a business coach
  • The only way you can rise above the competition
  • And more

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