Whether you’re investing in a franchise or starting an independent venture, starting your first small business is full of challenges – expected and unexpected. 

Lauren Dooley, an attorney with Novins, York, & Jacobus in New Jersey, has a passion for business and banking, as well as the legal side – and how those worlds work together to foster entrepreneurship.

We chat about how a small business owner in the startup phase can most benefit from working with an attorney, including the right skillset and mindset that attorney should have. We also discuss critical questions to ask as you start and build your business – things you do on day one can have a huge impact down the line.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The four-member team you need on your side to start a business
  • What a successor plan is – and why you need one
  • Unexpected sources of financing you can take advantage of
  • Why estate planning is a key part of starting your business (and will save your family a ton of headaches and expense)
  • And more

Connect with Lauren Dooley

Website: http://www.nyplaw.com/