Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and guest Lance Freeman, the President of Franchise Development for Xponential Fitness, as they speak about business leadership and the factors that helped Xponential Fitness rise above any permanent business closure during the pandemic. If there’s one thing to credit for the strength of their thousands and thousands of locations during the pandemic, for Lance, it’s the kind of leadership that leads and supports each franchise business. This is why people should look closely at the type of leadership behind the brand when looking at what business to franchise. “It’s a big part of what you’re buying into,” Lance believes.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What separates top performers from the rest in a franchise? 
  • The kind of leadership that shined through the pandemic.
  • Demand is not our problem!
  • Who are the ideal franchisees?
  • Working with a consultant: The difference.

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