On this week’s episode of the Franchise Freedom Podcast, we speak with special guest Mark Sanborn. Mark is president of Sanborn and Associates Inc., an idea studio dedicated to developing leaders in business and in life. He is also an international best selling author and award-winning keynote leadership speaker and advisor to leaders, teaching how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. His latest book is The Intention Imperative: 3 Essential Changes That Will Make You a Successful Leader Today.

“I’ve done a lot of work with a lot of franchise organizations around the United States and I’ve met a lot of successful franchisees and franchisors, and one of the things I like about that space that franchises operate in is that you have a couple of things that the average entrepreneur doesn’t have right out of the gate— that is a proven system and big support network,” says Mark.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Learning from your setbacks
  • Mark’s three R’s of business— rethink, reinvent, and renew
  • His advice for those looking to make career transitions
  • The importance of maintaining the passion you had on day one throughout the duration of your business
  • And more

Connect with Mark Sanborn

Website: http://www.marksanborn.com