Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico with his guest, Eddie Hill of Prosperous Internet Marketing Inc. In this episode, Eddie shares how he helps small businesses grow through his PROSPER formula. Here, he explains the seven items on the list for a business owner to become successful and the systems for effective marketing. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Eddie’s businesses and full-service digital marketing agency
  • Localized franchise marketing to fill in the blanks
  • Social media and referral marketing
  • Standard operating systems set up for success
  • The PROSPER formula explained

About Eddie Hill:

Eddie is a best-selling author, speaker, small business coach, and entrepreneur and owns multiple successful businesses, including Prosperous Internet Marketing Inc. Eddie is known as the “master of motivation.” He is a natural cheerleader who inspires his audience with massive energy, humor, and a message of “inspiration, motivation, and perspiration.” It’s no wonder the ARA International Awards Market named Eddie the Speaker of the Year…twice!

Eddie is considered one of the top masterminds for online marketing and has many articles published by national and international magazines, and is a consistent advisor to national television, radio, and podcasts.

Eddie is truly passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs. He is on a mission to double the net profit of 1000 businesses in the next five years.

Connect with Eddie Hill: