Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest, Ian Imamura, as they talk about how a CRM really works to minimize the work of running your business. If a franchise is a business in a box, for Ian, CRMs are your systems in a box. With his expertise in CRMs, especially on Zoho, Ian helps simplify what CRMs do, the features that come common with most CRMs, and how a business can benefit from CRM customization and integration with other software.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Ian’s introduction and exposure to CRMs
  • How do CRMs like Zoho help your business?
  • The third-party integrations of CRMs
  • CRMs are like software systems in a box
  • What CRM brand do people like the best? 

About Ian Imamura:

Ian is a software consultant specializing in Zoho One products to help automate and organize online business tools and processes. He has been in the franchise industry for five years and has grown his services to help franchisors and franchise brokers sell to their clients.

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