Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico as he kicks off the first episode of Franchise Freedom, welcoming the year 2022. Giuseppe gives us his top three ways of making any decision that affects life and business to inspire our goal-getters and change-makers out there. After hearing feedback and requests, Giuseppe also talks about mixing things up a bit on how he will run the upcoming episodes as the podcast goes forward.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Giuseppe Grammatico – on solo episodes vs. guest speakers
  • What’s the point of having a vision?
  • After the “what,” find the “who” for your goal
  • Having plans move you past stagnant goals
  • Smaller chunks of everything are easier to deal with!

About Franchise Freedom:

In 2005, Giuseppe was living the life as a young executive on the rise. He worked with three of the biggest financial firms in the country. Everything was going as planned for Giuseppe until his company went through a merger – but he didn’t. He was shown the door. Giuseppe landed on his feet only to have a merger at his new company result in a pink slip and a severance package.

At that point, Giuseppe had it with the risk of being a corporate executive, and his wife has had it with his two-plus hours of commute, coming home late, and him always feeling stressed – expected to say “how high?” when the company said “jump” anytime. So he escaped the corporate world and found entrepreneurship. Giuseppe bought a franchise, became a master franchisee, and then a master franchisor. In short, he has worked on all sides of franchising since 2007.

Franchising has given his family the financial freedom they always wanted, and it’s given him the time to enjoy the money he’s made. Giuseppe works on his terms and builds his wealth instead of lining the pockets of shareholders. Now, he helps other corporate executives decide if franchising might be the right move. Giuseppe has helped over a thousand people at this point.