Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico with his guests, Jacob Hanika and Laura Vodvarka, as they talk about the meaning of What Is The Widget To Your Why? In this episode, you’ll learn that as a new business owner, you need to be someone who can grow and motivate people, hold them accountable, and assist them in solving difficulties as you examine the lifespan of a business. It all comes down to your why. As Laura states. “What is the lifestyle around you, your why? And can the widget the business, aid that process?” 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why the widget is not as important as your why 
  • HorsePower and Gatsby Glass 
  • Ideas for these brands and the value proposition of the franchise 
  • Just take the first step, otherwise, you’re frozen, and you’re never going to move forward 
  • The power of franchising comes from the collective learning of the group 
  • and so much more! 

About Jacob Hanika and Laura Vodvarka: 

Jacob Hanika – I have worked in executive roles for over 6 years. Prior to coming to HorsePower Brands, I was the CEO of a Law Firm that was national. I was able to be acknowledged as a CEO of the Year due to the growth we saw and the clients we were able to bring on board. 

Laura Vodvarka – She has been in the franchising industry for 15 years! She has been able to help scale multiple brands and Franchisors before bringing her expertise to HorsePower Brands and Gatsby Glass. 

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