On this week’s episode of Franchise Freedom, we speak with Whitney Vosburgh, co-author of the Work the Future Today book series, which aims to help entrepreneurs search for and share their unique gifts. Whitney is a fortune 20 Chief Marketing Officer who has guided over $20 billion in wealth creation, and whose expertise has been featured in a number of books, including one by Dan Pink.

“The old is gone, dead, over. It’s not business as usual,” says Whitney. “I personally am very excited at the many incredible opportunities ahead of us. We have an opportunity to reinvent business, ourselves, and the world. I’m a firm believer in the new triple bottom line, not of profit, people, planet. I believe in planet, people, profit. Why? Because if there’s no planet, there’s no people. If there’s no people, there’s no profit. It’s very simple.”

In this episode you will learn:

  • Career pivots, and being prepared for a pivot
  • The Work the Future Today book series
  • His experience in the franchising world
  • Sustainability in profit
  • And more

Connect with Whitney Vosburgh

Website: http://workthefuture.today
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/whitneyvosburgh/