Join your host Giuseppe Grammatico and his guest, Simon Severino, as he shares his strategies that help clients sprint their businesses to scalability success. As a consultant, Simon has proven that it’s easier to be the consultant than to be the one being coached. Once you’re in the weeds, it becomes a different game. Today, Simon explains how he defines a scalable business model, how you must find the weakest part in your system, the three essential CEO habits, what you can expect from his book Strategy Sprints, and more. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • A scalable model should no longer include you in the operations 
  • Fixing the weakest part of your system creates significant improvements 
  • Why do you need daily, weekly, and monthly habits? 
  • Agile Companies vs. Rigid Companies 
  • How does Simon describe the ideal client? 

About Simon Severino: 

In 19 years of entrepreneurship, Simon executed hundreds of go-to-market strategies with B2B teams around the globe. He’s scaled his own consultancy and has retired from operations. Simon reached financial freedom and became an investor. Since then, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach financial freedom and has a firm that runs without being dependent on them. 

Today, Simon shares his blueprints with B2B leaders. 

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Strategy Sprints: 12 Ways to Accelerate Growth for an Agile Business, Book by Simon Severino